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LIS Dutch

  • Lotgenoten Incest Slachtoffers
  • Leven Is Strijd (Dutch: Life Is Struggle)

LIS in English (from Wikipedia)

LIS (in English), from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

  • linear algebra library, Library of Iterative Solvers for linear systems, a scalable parallel software library for solving linear equations and eigenvalue problems that arise in the numerical solution of partial differential equations using iterative methods.
  • LIS programming language (Language d'Implementation de Systèmes).
  • Land information system - a geographic information system for cadastral and land-use mapping, typically used by local governments.
  • Language-independent specification, a programming language specification providing a common interface usable for defining semantics applicable to arbitrary programming language bindings.
  • Local information systems, Information systems that systematically collects, processes, stores and disseminates intelligence about small geographic areas e.g. local neighbourhoods, for policymakers, citizens etc.
  • Location information Server, a server that provides location information, either in the form of geographic location or a street address. LIS is a network node originally defined in the National Emergency Number Association i2[1] network architecture that addresses the intermediate solution for providing e911 service for users of VoIP telephony.
  • Logical IP subnetwork, a group of nodes sharing a common subnet LIS over IEEE 802.14 Services, LIS over MCNS Data Link Services, ieee.
  • Linux Streams, an implementation of STREAMS for Linux.
  • Longest increasing subsequence problem is to find a subsequence of a given sequence in which the subsequence's elements are in sorted order, lowest to highest, and in which the subsequence is as long as possible.

LIS in Slang

  • Laughing In Silence
  • Line in the Sand
  • Lost in Space

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