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Netpbm is a package of graphics programs and a programming library.

There are over 220 separate programs in the package, most of which have "pbm", "pgm", "ppm", "pam", or "pnm" in their names. For example, pamscale and giftopnm.

Netpbm is an open source software package, distributed via the Sourceforge netpbm project.

For example:

  • you might use pamscale to shrink an image by 10%,
  • use pamcomp to overlay one image on top of another,
  • use pbmtext to create an image of text,
  • reduce the number of colors in an image with pnmquant,
  • converter from the GIF format to the PNM (i.e. PBM, PGM, or PPM) format with giftopnm
  • pamtotiff - converts a Netpbm image to a TIFF file. pamtotiff reads a PNM or PAM image as input and produces a TIFF file as output. Actually, it handles multi-image Netpbm streams, producing multi-image TIFF streams (i.e. a TIFF stream with multiple "directories")


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